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Your eyes are turning elsewhere,
Though strands of care remain.
My words aren’t full of meaning now,
They’re wrought with empty pain.
I know, of course, it’s natural.
You shouldn’t have to stay.
I only wish my love would fail
So I could sleep again.


I know I swore I wouldn’t.
I thought I never would.
My thoughts just overwhelmed my mind,
Consumed me where I stood.

I tried to just ignore it,
To hide my black balloon,
But every time I tripped and fell
Its marks began to bloom.

It’s hiding now in silence
with pressures unrelieved.
My clenching fists and fearfulness
The fuel for what it breathes


I know you were so long ago.
I tried to leave, to let you go.
I thought I did, but now I know I failed.
I saw you with her, standing there - 
A smile, a blush, a loving stare.
A stranger now, who’s walking his own trail.

I knew you wouldn’t wait for me.
We both moved on, were once more free.
But something deep inside my heart still yearns,
For though it’s many months ago,
There beats a memory far below,
A sliver left of love that never learns.


I hate the way I smile
When your name flashes on my phone.
I hate the way I laugh
For you, and only you alone.
I hate the way things are okay
Whenever you’re around.
But mostly I just hate
That I know things won’t all work out.


Your messages are gulps of air,
Becoming what I breathe.
Each syllable fills up my lungs,
Thoughts soaring far and free.
But as your words become my breath,
Pure oxygen turns stale.
Your silences all suffocate.
I’m gasping, turning pale.


I’m not myself.
I don’t remember who I was before,
And yet I don’t remember
Having closed those open doors.
My very being
Seems estranged. Who is this passive face?
Alone, resigned, and empty,
Just a shell left in its place.


We scurry ‘round in circles,
Always half a step from death,
Exploring hidden crannies
Of a world that’s losing breath.
Without our eyes, there’s beauty.
What we see is broad and free,
But vision brings our shadows,
Voids that make us long to flee.

memory loss

I can’t recall your caring hands
Nor how your lips met mine.
I can’t remember all those words
We spoke amid’st the pines.
My heart bleeds out with phantom loss,
Its beats now dull, unclear,
But there’s no vision in your eyes.
Your ears no longer hear.


So many words I long to speak,
But I am left alone.
Despite the varied company,
I cannot find my home.
I long to share my running thoughts,
To empty out my mind,
But there’s no ear to listen here.
The other minds are blind.


I’ve done it.
I am standing tall
With no fear in my heart.
No tears, no more.
No, not tonight.
We’re not falling apart.

The skies soar,
Vast with stars above
That shine for me and you.
They shine and gleam,
Looking down, proud,
At all the things we do.